Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trend Tuesday - Oxford Shoes...without the Poodle Skirt....

I know. I know. We're late again. Maybe we should just call this week Trend Thursday instead of Trend would be more accurate! As anyone who has been in the shop over the last few days knows, we're having some computer issues. Poor little guy picked up a virus and unfortunately it's not the kind that a little bit of nyquil and cough drops will fix. Lucky for us, we have a very generous IT guy in the family (Monica's super awesome hubby Louis) who has so wonderfully donated a few hours of his already limited free time towards helping us. Fingers crossed, everything should be worked out by the end of today.....
So let's talk about a shoe trend that I'm totally hating right now, but seems to be carrying over from summer and is firmly entrenched in all the fall fashion mags....the Oxford shoe. 
 Image from Urban Original

 I hatred of this particular shoe may stem from the memories it invokes....think saddle shoes, Catholic school uniform, and wool sweaters...ick. 
Regardless of my personal feelings on this particular style, it's pretty much impossible to deny that the trend has grown some legs and seems to be sticking around. So here are a few of, in my opinion, the lesser evils out there right now...
 "Goolia" by Aldo $50

"Lubbs" by Aldo $90

"Lady Stardust" by Modcloth $59.99

"Scholarly Method" by Modcloth $119.95

"Candy Dipped" by Modcloth $64.99

"Off the Lot Oxfords" by Anthropologie $198

Happy Shopping Ladies!!

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