Our Editorial Policies

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guildlines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, here are our disclosure policies:

1. We will sometimes blog about items - such as women's clothing, jewelry, candles, and other merchandise that can be purchased at Sweet Emotion Boutique or Why Not Boutique two separate for-profit organization founded in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Monica is the Owner of Sweet Emotion Boutique and Jennifer is the Owner of Why Not Boutique.

2. If a product or service we blog about was given to us or purchased at a discount, we will disclose it. As a general practice, we purchase all the items we review on the blog and/or we do not own the items and are using items as pictorial examples of the blogs text.

3. Blog commenters are not required to log in. Healthy discussion is encouraged; rude or disrespectful comments may be deleted.

4. At our discretion, we delete comments that are obvious spam, advertising or are rude. We reserve the right to edit comments.  We delete all comments that are thinly veiled (or not) efforts to promote your products or services at our blog. We have removed the “no follow” designation from my comments so that you enjoy SEO credit for the link you share with your comment. We did this because we want our blog community to receive a boost from participating here. But if your comment, in our discretion, is opportunistic in nature, seeking to use the comment area as a free ad for your products, your comment will be deleted without notice to you.