Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trend Tuesday - In the Army Now

Recently all I can think about is how over my summer closet I am. I walk in there every morning and stare helplessly around me at the masses of clothing that I no longer have any desire to wear. I am SO over summer. Summer clothing, summer weight, summer colors...remind me of this fact in February when I'm complaining about how cold I am, but I'm ready to move on and moving on means updating my closet. 

So, I was at the gym last night and "In the Army Now" with Pauly Shore became absolutely instrumental in helping me get through 45 minutes on the elliptical. Since I got home, now all I can think about is hunting down and adding some cute, military inspired items of clothing to my closet....here are a few of my favorites....

I love this next jacket...the 4 in 1 Cargo Jacket from Victoria's Secret. The sleeves can come off to create a vest or you can unzip the two front panels to make it a short jacket or a short vest....super cool and economical!


 Melissa Slim Cargo Pants from Anne Taylor Loft - $39.99

 Fifth Ave Cargos from Anthropologie - $118
 O'Reilly Jacket from Anthropologie - $128

 Staring at Stars Henley Tunic from Urban Outfitters - $54

 Urban Renewal Cuffed Army Shorts from Urban Outfitters - $38

And now I have a little shameless self promotion....Why Not Boutique has begun a Customer Rewards Program. Here's the details.... 

Every time you buy something at Why Not Boutique, we'll record your pre-tax purchase amount on an index card with your name on it (don't worry...we'll keep it here at the boutique!). Once you've made six purchases, we'll add them all up and give 10% of your cumulative purchases back to you in the form of Why Not Store Credit....simple as that!

All you have to do is follow this link HERE, fill out the form, and your rewards card will be waiting at the shop the next time you stop in...check it out...you can't lose!! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 

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