Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trend Tuesday - How to Sparkle

We really wanted to name this blog post "How to NOT sparkle like a Las Vegas Showgirl" but we really felt that was just too long a title....so we refrained.

Anyway....something we're seeing a lot of in magazines and in stores is an influx of glitz, not only for night, but for everyday wear too. The question becomes...like we wanted to name this post...how to add a little glitz to your glam without going to far? Here are a few suggestions we've come up with to answer that question...

Focus on soft neutrals. Pairing glitz with muted fabrics allows the "sparkle" to pop without being overwhelming. Think denim, soft greys, pinks, nudes, blues and greens. This also makes your "sparkle" more daytime appropriate.

glitter and jeans

We've professed out love of the denim jacket here and we think it totally fits here when you're trying to play down your glam a little bit. We're not really feeling the whole "bootie" as a shoe trend, but we gotta admit...it does look pretty darn good in this mix...

jean glitz
Think outside the box, but keep it simple. Work clothes can be sooooo booooring. Here's a simple way to take a basic white blouse and black skirt, and jazz it up a bit with some embellished, glitzy shoes. Still totally work appropriate...at least in our opinion...

work glitz

Every woman knows the importance of owning a little black dress....the problem is that, EVERY woman knows the importance of owning a little black dress. It's hard to find one that has that wow factor to differentiate itself (and you) from every other black dress wearing woman out there. Search for something a little extra next time you're looking to replace or add to your LBD collection...

embelished LBD

And sometimes, you know...all you need is a little bit of glitz and sparkle on your fingers, ears, or wrists to make getting out of bed every morning worthwhile!

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