Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trend Tuesday - Not your Grandmothers Lace

Lace embellishments are one of fashions key players in fall trends for 2010. When done right lace can be feminine and sexy. Too much lace especially black lace will have you looking like a your ready to go on stage at the Moulin Rouge. In contrast, also be careful when donning white lace. White lace implies bridal so unless you are hitting the altar wear it with caution. 

 Marie Claire suggests that when wearing lace, "Don't overdo the froufrou: Wear one thing lace and accessorize minimally." which we think is a great suggestion. We don't want to look like we are wearing our grandmothers old tablecloth...

Here are a few of our favorites...

Dress for success...

 Discovered Lace Dress - Anthropologie - $158

 Dress Come True - ModCloth - $47.99 

 Last Train Out Dress - ModCloth - $74.99

Veil Veil Vanish Dress - ModCloth- $74.99

 Damson Lace Blouse - Anthropologie - $99.95

Whites Done Right

Just Say Bow Top - ModCloth- $44.99

 High Tea Blouse - Anthropologie - $98

With lace bottoms, be sure to keep the top simple...

 Tatted Tides Skirt - Anthropologie - $148 

Water you Waiting For - ModCloth - $54.99

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Do you have any recommendations for a top to go with the tatted tides skirt? I got it on sale last week but am having a hard time figuring out what kind of top would go with it for both a day and evening look. WOuld love to hear your advice. Thanks!

  2. I seriously dressed it down with cognac color boots and american eagle plaid shirt...for more dressy, I wore it with red showpiece tee (on sale for $30 right now) and the precious material cardi.