Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trend Tuesday - Denim Jackets

For a long time now, Monica has been a firm believer in the fashion power of the denim jacket! Dress it up, dress it down, no matter how you do it, a denim jacket is a classic staple accessory. We highly suggest that you have at least one, if not two in your wardrobe!!

You're probably wondering why we are even mentioning  jackets in the middle of summer. Currently it's a balmy 90 degrees in Tampa Bay and for most of us, the furthest thing on our minds are jackets! Well hear us out....while temps are skyrocketing outside, our favorite local restaurants, offices, and movie theatres are cranking down the air to keep us cool. Sometimes these places are downright frigid! So this is where our all time favorite accessory comes in! Keep it on hand to throw over any outfit. And since its denim it pretty much goes with everything from tank tops to maxi dresses.

It's also a perfect accessory to have on hand with so many of us traveling to escape the heat. FYI folks, San Fran evenings in the summer average 60 degrees, which for a lot of native Floridians is COLD! Even the mountains of North Carolina can drastically cool down in the evenings. So here are our suggestions on styles of denim jackets to tote around with you all summer long! The best part? They work in the fall and winter too!  

Nothing screams summer like the perfect white denim jacket. Do it right with this classic cropped Gap style...

Currently on sale at the Gap

We LOVE the rugged feel this ripped denim can add to a simple black dress!

Julia Jones of one of summer's hottest movie, "Eclipse" wears an American classic Levi's denim jacket with a mini cocktail dress. What do we think about this?? Rock it girl! The jacket adds a little rock n roll edge...LOVE it!

Image from Denimology

Happy Summer Ladies!

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  1. AMEN sistas. It drives me bonkers how low they turn down the air everywhere. A fabulous jacket or wrap is a must have!