Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds - Love and Wine

It's pretty obvious that I have an obsession with all things fashion related. It's also very clear from previous posts on restaurant reviews that I am dedicated to the pursuit of great food and local eateries. However you may or may not know that I am also passionately addicted to wine. OK let's be honest anyone who knows me well knows that I am a complete and total wino. I only regularly consume 3 things on a daily basis. 
Coffee, water and wine! 
Due to my pretty much daily habit I am always on the hunt for great affordable wines. I wanted to share with you my current favorite budget picks. While some people fall into the category of white wine or red wine people, I don't discriminate. I like them all!

Layer Cake, Malbec 2008

This is my number one go to wine these days. It's smooth and silky with notes of blackberry. This wine is elegant with a touch of sultry. It's like your best LBD (little black dress). It's a steal at $15. It really tastes like a $30 bottle. Best place and price to find it, Fresh Market in South Tampa. Watch out folks this one is dangerous, I for one can't get enough.

Louis Martini, Cabernet, Sonoma County 2008

I usually stay away from Cabernet. They tend to be too tannic and full bodied for my palate. But this easy drinking Cab has me singing a different tune. It's soft with flavors of red fruit. I was at a wine tasting recently where they paired this wine with chocolate. Now if that's not a way to wind down the day I don't know what is! I also had the pleasure to visit the Louis Martini winery on my honeymoon to California. If you ever get a chance to visit this vineyard, Go! You will not be disappointed. These people make some fantastic red wine! This one runs about $12 to $20 retail. Sam's Club has it now for $11.78!

Whitehaven, Sauvignon Blanc, 2008

I love, love Sauvignon Blanc wines in the summer. They are light, crisp and refreshing. Every time I serve this wine at an event at the boutique I have women commenting on how delicious it is! Its a fruit forward wine with apples and a little lemon tartness. Perfect with spicy food or at a back yard BBQ. The guys at my favorite local wine spot, Wine Warehouse turned me on to it. They usually have it in stock for around $14. Toast the end of summer with this gem!

"Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” 
-Benjamin Franklin

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