Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Finds - Fresh Eats at The Refinery

The following blog post is written by Monica =)

So every once in awhile I am compelled to venture out of South Tampa and explore the rest of the Bay area restaurants - contrary to what Jen believes....there really is life north of Kennedy! This past Wednesday night I grabbed the hubby and another couple for a double date at the newest Seminole Heights resturant, The Refinery.

At The Refinery, their motto is..."We believe good food and good drink are a necessity...not a privilege." A statement I whole heartedly agree with and appreciate!

 The Refinery prides itself on using produce, meat and seafood that's fresh, in season and purchased from the local farming community. Their small, but creative menu changes every Thursday to reflect whatever the local Farmers have to offer for the week. Last weeks menu was dedicated to all things Americana.  Think innovative twists on American classics like "Mac 'n' Cheese with chevre and bacon, and Corn Dogs with housemade chorizo and Chipotle BBQ sauce .Yum!

The restuarant has a simple unpretenious feel with large wood tables filling up the dining room. It was nicely busy for a Wednesday evening with the happy chatter of diners and I felt like I was spending the evening at a friends house....everyone seemed to linger, enjoying each others company. The staff was attentive, knowledgable, and friendly.

The hubs and I split the 1772 Peanut Soup and followed it up with the Fried Catfish. The peanut soup was rich and creamy and oh soo peanut buttery! The Catfish was perfectly fried and the okra side was crisp and fresh, perfect for a steamy summer night. The guys drank beer from a local brewery and my girlfriend and I shared a great bottle of Cab. Like their dinner menu, The Refinery's wine and beer list changes frequently. Our great bottle of Cabernet was $18! Gotta love that! In fact most bottles are around that price point.

All in all it was a great evening with great food and company. I am firm believer that beauty is in the details and this restaurant has perfected the art of details. Their committment to quality, service and community is comendable.
I know one thing's for sure I will definitely be stepping out of my 'hood more often to see what this little gem is cooking up!

Happy Eating!

Visit their website for more info and events


Find them on Facebook (where most of the photos in this blog were shamelessly stolen from)...


  1. Love your blog Monica! I will certainly try the Refinery - it sounds great!

  2. I was in Yesterdazed the other day and thinking that the hubs and I need to there!

  3. Valarie, so glad you like the blog! Hope you like the Refinery too!

  4. Kristin! It's a must try!! We LOVE Yesterdaze too...some great finds in there!