Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Finds - Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy Ta-Ta Month!!! Not to get too personal on ya'll, but I will admit that I'm rather lax on the self-examination front. So Breast Cancer Awareness month is a way to re-educate and remind myself about the importance of self examination for early detection. Breast cancer isn't 100% preventable....but it's certainly treatable if detected early.

Still a little fuzzy on exactly how to perform a self breast exam? Fitness Magazine posted step by step instructions on their website here and even provides a link to illustrated instructions if you're like me and do better with visuals....

So don't hide your head in the sand...this month in particular. And don't think because there isn't a history of Breast or Ovarian cancer in your family that it can't happen to you....only about 10% of women that actually get Breast cancer have the genetic predisposition for it. Educate, protect, and prevent.

Have a phenomenal weekend everyone!!!

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