Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Finds - Blogroll

Have I mentioned how much I love the internet? I am, without a doubt, obsessed with it. Full on love affair. There is no boundary to what can be found on the internet, and I love knowledge. Knowledge is power! I have a google reader full of links to a lot of really wonderful places on the internet....a lot of them are boring old business blogs and websites....but here are a few of my favorite eye candy/mind candy blogs that are always a great place to go to unwind after a long day...
Written by a part time jewelry maker and full time lover of fashion and decor, la sirene de boston is simply written in a way my long winded self envies. It doesn't hurt that Anne seems to always find the most intriguing and beautiful photographs to accompany her words. 

I am insanely jealous of Kimy's artistic talent as well as her gorgeous product pictures and funny little blog posts. She owns a little shop in South Tampa (visit her facebook page here) that is stuffed full of great little gifts for just about anyone and for just about any occasion.

I became obsessed with the "What I Wore Today" blogs a few months back, and Keiko Lynn's is by far the best with the most depth. While I would never dream of wearing 95% of the outfits she puts together, I love her sense of style, her make up tutorials, and how glamorous her life seems to be as an outsider looking in. Hello..she went to NY Fashion awesome is that? Realistically, I'd probably be bored out of my mind...but I'd like to think I'd find it at least a little interesting.
I'm not really sure why I love this blog so much, since it is at times, very mommy bloggerish (not something she would appreciate being called at all, but for someone who has no kids, no matter what, any blog post about kids is going to seem mommy bloggerish). But Dooce (aka Heather Armstrong) is quite possibly the most hilarious human on the planet, without really ever seeming to try. I mean, I would assume there is a bit of embellishment for the sake of hilarity, but honestly, I just think some people have the knack for turning something ordinary into something extraordinary, and if you can do it with words, then I'm doubly in awe. 

This blog is written by a bunch of different twentysomething women who are confronting the phenomenon of a quarterlife crisis head on. I love this blog for so many different reasons. I think it gives a voice to a plethora of different feelings, issues, and questions that each and every woman has or faces at one point or another in their lives, and yet, we each feel as if we're on an island of sorts and the only woman to ever feel a particular way about a particular event. I really love the last two blog posts Self Awareness: The Anti Adventure and Love & The Single Girl but regardless, this blog is always good as a reminder that you're really not alone and that you are justified in feeling the way you feel.

Happy reading ya'll! Have a wonderful FALL weekend!! (Finally)!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Finds - Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy Ta-Ta Month!!! Not to get too personal on ya'll, but I will admit that I'm rather lax on the self-examination front. So Breast Cancer Awareness month is a way to re-educate and remind myself about the importance of self examination for early detection. Breast cancer isn't 100% preventable....but it's certainly treatable if detected early.

Still a little fuzzy on exactly how to perform a self breast exam? Fitness Magazine posted step by step instructions on their website here and even provides a link to illustrated instructions if you're like me and do better with visuals....

So don't hide your head in the sand...this month in particular. And don't think because there isn't a history of Breast or Ovarian cancer in your family that it can't happen to you....only about 10% of women that actually get Breast cancer have the genetic predisposition for it. Educate, protect, and prevent.

Have a phenomenal weekend everyone!!!