Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Finds - Casual Friday doesn't mean frumpy

I haven't always been fortunate enough to be able to wear flip flops every day or to bring my dog to work. There were a few, veeeery brief years there where I actually did work a corporate job and therefore had to conform to a corporate dress code....blech!

While my employer didn't have a consistant Casual Friday policy, many companies out there do, and oh lord is that a recipe for fashion disaster. Let's start with the casual Friday no-no's that should probably be common sense, but just in case - no leggings, no shorts (no, not even bermuda's or tailored bermuda legnth), no see through blouses, nothing that you've had in your closet since high school, and, if this applies, please, please, please nothing out of your 15 year old daughters closet.

What I'm  loving right now is the trendy blazer and jean look that can easily carry you from the office to happy hour. Lucky Magazine had some great tips in their May magazine on how exactly to get the trend right as demonstrated by the picture below:

Very chic, but still work appropriate and if you keep the outfit itself basic and monochromatic you can always pair it with some loud shoes or a statement necklace. And really, wouldn't a little strapless linen top look super cute under that blazer for a weekend date with your sweetie??

Happy Weekend Ya'll!


  1. Isn't it cute!! I've nver been a strap handbag sort of person, but this one is so neat with the rope handle!